Cooperation with "Dary natury"

Dary Natury is a company dealing with herbiculture and healthy food. It is located in southern part of Podlaskie Voivodeship, in Siemiatycze district, in a small village of Koryciny. Area surrounding the seat of the company are mainly dense forests of varying topography. Thanks to these conditions, a lot of different plants can be found there, many of which are gathered as herbal resources. This area has a long and multigenerational tradition of gathering herbs from their natural habitats.

   Woodlands surrounding our facility belong to Rudka Forest Division. Nine forest districts belonging to this division, the ones we gather our ingredients from, received organic certification. In total this area covers several thousand hectares of land, what allows us to carry out our operations and gather plants from their natural habitats without any negative impact on the local environment. Rich flora and fauna, as well as centuries-old trees are a testament to the purity of local air, soil and ingredients we gather.

   We prepare our products mainly from resources we gathered in this exceptional area. Apart from wild plants straight from their natural habitats, we also use those grown on organic farms. These are the only sources of ingredients our products are made from.

   While collecting wild herbs, we exercise great care to the aspects of nature conservation. Our gatherers are systematically trained, while the amounts gathered are agreed upon with Forest District authorities. Gathering of ingredients from endangered plants is agreed upon with Provincial Nature Conservator.

   About 300 people gather herbs for our needs. We try to gather herbs in periods most favourable for each species. Chemical analyses of plants gathered in our region confirm that it is one of the purest part of our country, free from any environmental pollution.

   More and more plants used in herbiculture are now cultivated, especially those belonging to endangered species.

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